Master’s Singers

CAPA Spring 2018 Concert

Advanced / Audition Only

$20.00 registration fee due by the first day of class each semester

$135.00 semester tuition can be paid in two installments 1) due on the first day of class and 2) due by November 1 OR paid in full by first day of class for a discount ($125.00).

Advanced Concert Choir students have the opportunity to audition for the Master’s Singers Ensemble. Auditions are held yearly in mid-May for the following school year. This group is the primary public relations group for CAPA and is available for gigs from late fall through early summer. Contact the director to make arrangements for special performances.



  • Royal Blue Vest With Black Bow Tie
  • Vest and tie are provided by CAPA (Returned at the end of the year)
  • White tuxedo shirt (available at Michaels for a nominal cost)
  • Black dress pants and socks
  • Black dress shoes