Concert Choir

CAPA 2018 Spring Concert Choir

Grades 9-12 (High School)

$25.00 Administration Fee due by the first day of class each semester

$260.00 semester tuition can be paid in two installments 1) due on the first day of class and 2) due by April 1 OR paid in full by first day of class for a discount ($240.00).


Concert Choir concentrates on a more advanced musical repertoire. Students study music theory, sight-singing, and proper vocal technique. Students perform competitively and non-competatively and have community service opportunities.

Our spring semester classes begin January 6 for Middle and High School Choirs and January 9 for Elementary Choirs


St. Paul Lutheran Church
3501 Red River
Austin, TX  78705

Concert Choir meets Monday from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

See Calendar of Events for further details on the schedule.


Lora Maeurer has a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford and a Masters in Elementary Education from SUNY (State University of New York) New Paltz. She taught for several years in the public schools in New York State where she led the vocal and general music programs and directed several high school musical theatre productions. Lora, her husband Ted, and their girls moved to Austin in 2001. Lora has stayed active as a musician by performing or teaching through several homeschool, community, and church groups. Lora homeschooled her two daughters for 14 years, during which time both of her girls sang in each of the CCSA choirs from Angel to Master’s Singers. In January 2015, Lora became the CAPA Angel and Children’s Choir Director; she began directing the remaining CAPA choirs in September 2015.


Because choir is viewed as a commitment, we take very seriously the issue of regular attendance. Should an absence occur, a written excuse must be submitted from a parent as to the reason for the absence. Please provide advanced notice of expected absence via email to the director when possible. Reasons for excused absence shall include any legitimate reason, which is sanctioned by parental discretion. No more than 2 unexcused absences will be permitted per semester. If a student acquires this status, they will forfeit the privilege of choir attendance for the remainder of the semester, and honor the remaining tuition payments until semester’s end. Attendance will be taken by virtue of practice cards, which must be turned in at the beginning of rehearsal. The choir secretary will be responsible for taking attendance.


Although discipline is not necessarily a problem, should there be an instance where action is necessary parents will be notified by phone. This will be followed by a written referral should the matter not be corrected. Any further problems will result in expulsion.

Practice Cards

Practice Cards help the teacher and student keep on target. Rehearsal is required at home to learn the music, and the teacher will assign specific tasks to accomplish. Students are expected to practice an average of 4 days per week for a limited amount of time. (Teen Choirs ½ hour). Students will be provided with a practice CD and lyrics/music. Parents are to sign off weekly and cards are turned in to the homeroom mom/choir secretary. Awards/grades are given at the end of every year by work and effort recorded on a point sheet, which is distributed at the beginning of the year.


Uniforms will be required for all performances. In some cases, a more casual atmosphere will dictate T-shirts which is included with the cost of registration. For formal concerts, the following uniform will be provided by the students:

Women –

    • Black uniform dress at cost of approx. $90.00 (new)
      • (you will be fitted in choir)
  • Black dress shoes (closed toe)

Men –

    • Black uniform jacket at cost of approx. $65.00 (new)
    • White tuxedo shirt
      • (available @ Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for nominal cost)
    • Black Bow Tie
      • (available for a $15.00 fee if provided by CAPA)
    • Black dress pants and socks
  • Black dress shoes